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Gabriela Monteiro

A little bit of my story!

My story with the kitchen began at home when I was a child. My father, descendent of Italians which appreciated good food, was author of lunches gathering family and friends around traditional dishes of Brazilian cuisine.


As a child I loved to watch people cooking, I felt belonging to this universe. At 8 years I used to make salads and eaten raw, at 9 I was cooking already. My maternal grandmother was also a source of inspiration for me. She was the one who allowed me to stay next to the stove watching her cooking. There were days and days, years and years watching. So I learned and developed this gift.


I became a vegetarian at 13. I realized I could choose what I liked to eat and so I did. That's when my research on Conscious Food and Eating began.


I began to realize that my body responded differently according to what I ate. From 15 to 17 I deepened the research on  gluten and lactose. Found that various symptoms I felt were related to the form that I ate, one more change in sight.


I realized that hear my body was the best way to being healthy. And that everything around me nourishes me. That the best food is to follow this path with Love!


In service for transformation and possibilities I offer transition and regeneration processes. In 2009 I had the opportunity to co-start the Transition Towns movement in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro with an amazing group. I am part of the Brazilian Transition Hub.

I explore and offer practices for inner transition, self-discovery and regeneration through tools such as: conscious and non-violent communication (NVC), deep ecology, mindful eating and intuitive cooking, meditation, floral therapy, aromatherapy, possibility management, reflective and creative writing and art. I design journeys, experiences, retreats, workshops, trainings and consulting. I also provide individual service, for groups and/or organizations.

I have a degree in International Relations, with a specialization in Fashion and Cultural Studies and Design for Sustainability by Educação Gaia (2009, Rio de Janeiro) course recognized by UNESCO. I also did a master's degree in Psychosociology of Communities and Social Ecology. Formed in 2017 by Transition Network, with Naresh and May East in Slovenia as Transition Trainer. Regenerative Practitioner by the Regenesis Institute. I'm a net-weaver from Pathwork® Portugal and founder of Nomad Food Lab - an individual plant-based cooking and culture project.

I'm currently starting a food forest project in my "quinta" in northern Portugal, where I live.


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